Welcome to ROLE Productions

Victoria Hurley-Schubert


Director of Communications & Marketing

Vikki brings more than 20 years of award-winning public relations and communications experience to ROLE. She has worked with B2B and B2C clients delivering impactful, strategic communications. She excels at executing business  visions and developing meaningful connections. Vikki approaches every situation by learning and understanding all sides of a subject, and creating a best plan of action based on truly grasping the situation at hand. 


In Her Spare Time

Nothing makes Vikki happier than to spend time with family and friends. She is a perpetual Disney nerd and dreams of retirement seeing the world from the balcony of a cruise ship. Vikki also loves Broadway (Hamilton and Beetlejuice are her current favorite shows) and is obsessed with the Food Network, wishing she had Guy Fieri's job of driving around the country and eating.


Proud Pet Parent

Vikki is mom to two cats, Ellie and Samantha. She is happily married to her husband for 20 years.