Welcome to ROLE Productions

Rob Owens


Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

An industry veteran, Rob has more than 30 years of experience in live event production. 

From a corporate meeting for a handful of executives to fundraisers to a 10,000 seat area full of screaming fans at a high-octane concert, Rob has served them all.  He has also ran operations for two leading AV companies in the City that Never Sleeps, overseeing crews and millions of dollars in equipment. This has led to the industry-leading reputation he has with a wide network of top-tier connections. 

He believes the only way to get things done is the right way, and started ROLE to help more people have stress-free events where everything isn't always about the bottom line.


In His Spare Time

Rob loves cars and has several project cars he is working on. A former video engineer on tour with Donna Summer, he likes to travel and appreciates a good musical act and the theatre. 


His Greatest Achievement

Rob considers his two daughters his greatest achievement and is so proud they are interested in different facets of theatre and music, so maybe, just maybe, if he's really lucky, they will follow in dear old dad's footsteps.